Last weekend, I had the opportunity to shop at a local craft sale hosted by Ellyn Carson. The goal of the sale was to help fund her upcoming honeymoon and launch her Etsy shop online.

My friends arrived right when the doors opened and they had to wait in line! What an amazing community that supports local handmade businesses. I received a text message that most of the items were flying off the tables. I was running a few errands and wasn’t able to go until an hour later. I thought I should stop by and say hi to Val, who was selling fresh flower bouquets, even if all the items were sold.

I walk in the door of the community center and there was one table of items available. Ellyn and her mother had just consolidated the remaining contents and were starting to clean up. I browsed the table and found a few items that caught my eye.

Embroidery Hoop


This small embroidered hoop by Ellyn’s sister. Meggan had learned embroidery from her grandmother but recently picked it back up as a hobby. It’s adorable and makes me smile. I wish I knew how to make these little beauties—instead I know where to order more for the holidays.

This joyful hoop found a home on my mantle nestled in with fall pumpkin decor.

Floral Arrangement


I second shot a wedding of Val’s and enjoyed getting to know her. I’m learning more about her recently—like her love of arranging flowers and creating gorgeous bouquets.

Each bouquet she offered was named after a loved one. “This is the Barbara Joan, named for my Dad’s mom, who I never met but know I would have loved.” The bouquet features a gorgeous burgundy peony and eucalyptus leaves.

I love the peony and I’m hoping the other bloom decides to open. These flowers are the perfect centerpiece for my dining room table.

Update: The bloom opened with a few encouraging love taps from the previous day. (Thanks for the tip, Danielle!)

Sewing Apron


This apron is perfect for my sewing ventures. It is made from a kitchen towel and has 4 divided pockets. I’m working on a quilt and constantly looking for my scissors. This apron helps to keep them on my person as I move around my workstation.

Here’s my attempted selfie with my apron on.

I hope the craft sale was a success (it looked that way!). I know it was a success for me!

P.S. The next day was Halloween. Adam and I were so excited for trick-or-treaters (even though we only had five!) Maybe we’ll have more next year.


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