This is usually the time that everyone is making new resolutions to workout more—after all the holiday feasting and before the summer hits. Did you make fitness goals for the new year? How are those going?

Do you hate working out? You shouldn’t.

7 Tips to Getting Back into a Workout Routine |

If you are hating your workout routine, then you are not doing the right one for you. How do you expect to keep going to the gym day after day if you despise going?

Here are a couple of tips for getting back to the gym after taking a break:

Start nice and easy

After you ease back into working out then work your way into more challenging workouts. The key here is progression and small wins, not burnout.

Trust me, I have hit the gym way too hard and been so sore that I had to rest for a couple of days to get my body to recover. That’s not fun and you’re opening yourself up to potential injuries.

Try something new!

Do you like dancing? Try Zumba or another aerobic dance class.
Do you like stretching and meditation? Try yoga.
Have you thought about kickboxing? Try it and if it’s not for you, now you know whereas before you didn’t.

There is a variety of workouts designed for every type of person. You just need to find what works for you and what keeps you coming back.

Mix up your weekly workout routine

You don’t have to follow a strict bodyweight routine for 7 days a week. Try mixing in strength training, bodyweight circuits, yoga, pilates and cardio.

This is helpful so you don’t get bored (mentally) and your body doesn’t plateau by adapting to the workouts.

The takeaway is don’t do all of one type of workout. For example, long distance runners mix in strength, yoga and sprints while they are training for a marathon race.

Remember to rest!

During the first 3 weeks of the year, everyone is determined to stick to their goals and hit the gym hard. Just keep in mind, your body needs rest to recover from strenuous workouts. Injuries can happen more easily when you do not properly recover, and an injury can keep you out of the gym altogether while you have to heal.

Look for workouts on Pinterest

I have found so many workouts to try on Pinterest. While I’m not a fan of the 90-day squat challenge, that may suit your fancy (although remember what I said earlier about not doing only one type of workout). Pinterest is a great resource for finding at-home workouts, treadmill & elliptical circuits, and workouts to do while traveling right from your hotel room.

I challenge you to create a fitness board (if you don’t have one already) and start pinning a few workouts to try over the next couple weeks.

Practice good form

Good form not only keeps you from injuring yourself but it actually works the intended muscles to the full extent. Practicing good form is especially critical if you plan to increase weight or resistance. You must have good form from the beginning in order to challenge yourself to more in the future without injury.

If you miss a day, get back at it the next day

You missed a day at the gym. So what? Get back at it tomorrow.

The goal is not to perfectly check off each weekly workout—the goal is to improve and challenge yourself physically and mentally. If you can’t make it to the gym, make a point to go for a walk or dance around your kitchen while you cook dinner. The main idea is to move more.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (brisk walk, mowing the lawn, etc.) or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (running, aerobic dancing, etc.) a week. That is only 5 days of 30 minutes. That goal is obtainable.

How about a daily reminder on your phone to go workout?

I created 4 wallpapers for you to save and add as your lock screen. Go ahead and click on the image to save it to your phone.

Strive for Progress workout wallpaper |

Let Challenge Change You workout wallpaper |

Process Results workout wallpaper |

No Shortcut, Build Stronger workout wallpaper |

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