Bekah Walters Blog: 2017 Expectations

My Christmas of 2016 was full of family visits and friends and neighbors getting together. I hope you were surrounded by all the ones you love as well. It’s been a little quiet on the blog, but get ready for that to change! I’ll dive into this year’s blog expectations. […]

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Progress Over Perfection - Instead of aiming for perfection, which is unobtainable and relative, we should focus on our progress.

Progress Over Perfection

I wouldn’t say I am a perfectionist, but others may describe me as that. I like everything to have a place and be in it. I love to organize and keep it that way. I am noticing that I have a tendency to lean towards an all-or-nothing type attitude–striving for perfection and not focusing on […]

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The purpose of starting this blog

Who is this blog for? Well, this blog is for you and it’s for me. It is for me to journal my lifestyle as a newly married, twenty-five-year-old. I want this space to be about my faith journey, building an online community, and various interests. At the same time, this blog is for you, the […]

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