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Local Craft Sale Finds

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to shop at a local craft sale hosted by Ellyn Carson. The goal of the sale was to help fund her upcoming honeymoon and launch her Etsy shop online.

My friends arrived right when the doors opened and they had to wait in line! What an amazing community that supports local handmade businesses. I received a text message that most of the items were flying off the tables. I was running a few errands and wasn’t able to go until an hour later. I thought I should stop by and say hi to Val, who was selling fresh flower bouquets, even if all the items were sold.
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Fall Favorites

The first day of fall is finally here and I’d like to share a few of my fall favorites as well as invite you to share some of yours.

I enjoy the cool, crisp air and the vibrant colors as the leaves change.

The opportunities to wear comfy sweaters or sweatshirts and my new obsession – wool socks – are endless.
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