We’ve all been there – stuck on an airplane for a couple of hours without an internet connection. I recently flew to Arizona for a couple days with Adam. In preparation, I drummed up 9 things to do on an airplane. Then, I packed my carry on. 

1. Learn a new skill

Take this time to learn a new language with a language app or podcast. Or download a few how-to tutorials. Bring a textbook on HTML coding. The possibilities are endless especially with a few uninterrupted hours to learn.

2. Read

I download a few books to my iPad mini instead of lugging around 5 physical books, now I have a variety in one compact area. Grab a magazine to browse through or tote along your Bible (or Bible app) to read. 

3. Listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks

I recommend downloading a few of your favorites so you don’t go into airplane mode and realize you can’t access them at all. (I’ve done this before!)

4. Color

I throw my adult coloring booking in my carry on for something to do with my hands. Also, I can do this while I listen to music or podcasts or “read” an audiobook. 

5. Write

I bring along a little notebook to write blog ideas or business ideas or any ideas – quotes from books, song lyrics or potential hand lettering phrases. I’ll also use this notebook to sketch out ideas or patterns. You could use this time to write letters to friends and family. Maybe you could strategize your next big idea. Or free write. Learning to write is like build muscle. You have to exercise it so it comes more easily and naturally. 

6. People watch

This works better while you’re waiting at the terminal, but in flight could offer some interesting interactions or conversations. We had a medical emergency on our flight to Mesa.

A middle-age man passed out in the aisle as he was walking towards the back restroom. The whole incident took place right by our row. We witnessed medical professions leap into action. The man turned out to be fine. Thank goodness!

7. Watch a movie or tv series

Netflix allows you to download some shows and watch them offline for a predetermined amount of time. Have a series you’d like to start or catch up on? Don’t forget to download it prior to takeoff. It will make the flight feel so short. 

8. Play a card game

This works well if you’re traveling with someone or I suppose you could make friends with the person beside you and play a couple card games. Or attempt a solo game of solitaire on the small tray table. 

9. Sleep

Finally, if all else fails, take a nap. Not everyone can fall asleep on a plane. Those of us that can, most likely cannot find a way to do so without looking ridiculous. I can’t help it that my mouth hangs open.

What are some of the best ways you spend your time on an airplane? Comment below so I can add to my list!

2 thoughts on “9 Things to Do on an Airplane

  1. Hi Bekah! I’m all about reading so loved that suggestion! Kevin and I work crossword puzzles together while traveling! It’s very educational! Love-Aunt Carol

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