My Christmas of 2016 was full of family visits and friends and neighbors getting together. I hope you were surrounded by all the ones you love as well. It’s been a little quiet on the blog, but get ready for that to change! I’ll dive into this year’s blog expectations.

Blogging Hiatus

I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging this past month for a couple of reasons.

1. To enjoy my friends and family during the holiday season
2. To take a step back and reevaluate the blog
3. To actually make a plan for the direction I would like take in 2017

2017 Expectations

It is that time of year when we will hit the “refresh” button and attempt at a new start. The new year brings hope, expectations, goals and dreams! I haven’t set new year resolutions the past couple of years because I’ve been focusing on goals to a better me.

So… what can you expect from me in 2017?

* Consistently posting on Thursdays each and every week
* In addition to blog posts, you’ll find me offering more on social media (Instagram is my jam!)
* Inspiring emails in your inbox once a month (plus freebies) if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter list (the sign-up is over here —>)


I’ve never really nailed down my “brand” because that sounds like a business term and this blog doesn’t seem like a business. I usually just pick my favorite colors and my favorite fonts, but to keep with my “consistency” goal, I needed to hone in my design choices. Plus, having a color-scheme and font guidelines keeps me from reinventing the wheel each time I design graphic images. Boundaries can actually create more freedom from decision overload/overwhelm.

Here is my blog brand/mood board.

Bekah Walters 2017 Expectations blog brand board

Mission Statement

The mission statement or purpose of this blog hasn’t changed, but my focus now is to incorporate it into every post rather than just posting on a whim. Each post will incorporate the three pieces of my mission statement:

live purposefully, be creative, inspire others

Some posts may be geared towards one more than the others but every post’s goal is to leave you feeling full of purpose, creativity and inspired to action. Isn’t that what we all want?

I haven’t find my niche yet, but maybe my niche is the journey of finding one. I’ll take you on this journey with me in finding purpose in life because that is still something I question often. I’m finding out that I’m not the only twenty-something that has no idea what my purpose in life is or how exactly to find it. And maybe that is the point—some people know exactly what they are passionate about and how it helps others—but we should enjoy the journey to finding that purpose and that passion rather than look at it as an end destination.

Do you love to craft or create but actually want it to be an obtainable project? I’ll offer some DIY projects and repurposing endeavors that won’t break the bank or your creative spirit. What about getting creative in the kitchen or in the gym? Creativity isn’t just for the arts.

Most importantly, I want to inspire you to do everything you want to do in life with permission and grace. And then extend that permission and grace to those around you—celebrate in their success and encourage them in their failures. As young women, we want to do it all and be it all! But we don’t have to. We don’t have to be perfect.

Get inspired to:
* Confidently cook meals at home for two or 10 people
* Get up earlier (I’m still working on this since I got married over a year ago)
* Move more or go to the gym (this is not as daunting as it seems)
* Create something that you pinned on Pinterest 2 years ago
* Dream big without limiting or doubting yourself
* Dive into the Word and deepen your relationship with Jesus


So here is to you—the one who wants to “do it all” with grace and without the pressure of perfection, who wants to be organized without being OCD, who wants to genuinely connect with others without judgement. Here’s to a new year!

Comment below with what you would like to read more about or topics you would like to see on the blog. I have a notebook filled with ideas and concepts that I find interesting, but I want to know what you would find interesting.

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